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About Church in the Round

Revolving around Jesus.
Revolving around each other.

Church in the Round is a new Christian church on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. Our mission is to develop people who revolve around Jesus and each other. You're invited to come around and join us on this unique journey.

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News and Events

Church in the Round is currently looking for a new home facility. If you have any reccomendations, please let us know!

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One Year Plan
Care. Help. Share.

At CitR, we develop people who Care, Help, and Share.

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Facebook Check In
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Check In. Do Good.

All year long, when you check-in to Church in the Round on Facebook, you are helping to support a worthy cause.

Seriously?! Just by checking in?
Yep. That's it. Just check-in to Church in the Round all year long and you are partnering with us to support a worthy cause. Each month, our FB check ins support a different cause. Each new cause is announced at service on Sunday morning. Attend a Sunday morning church service to learn more.

Get in The Circle

A new church for Cleveland, A new church for YOU!

Why Cleveland? Cleveland has closed more churches in the last five years than most cities within our great nation. On any given Sunday, less than 10% of the population on the east side of Cleveland attends church somewhere. We think this negatively impacts society.

Why You? Because God loves you and the church needs you. We value you!

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A church for everyone...

Just like the everlasting love of God, Church in the Round is for everyone. You will never be singled out because of some label that someone has put on you.

Come as you are, but, be willing to experience the life changing, powerful message of Jesus Christ when you come. No perfect people allowed here.

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What makes a missional community missional? Heck, what is a missional community anyway?!

Missional Communities are groups of people that form a community based on a certain mission. These groups view themselves as following Jesus teaching. They view themselves as “sent ones” into the world to participate in the mission of Jesus. What community do you dream about forming? What “pain” do you see in your neighborhood that you could solve?

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So wait, you guys have church while sitting in a circle?! Isn't that weird?

If you’ve been around the church before, you’ll probably notice that Church in the Round is a bit different. Different in a circular way. Which ideas does a circle communicate? Unity. Unbrokenness. Coming around something. Connectedness. All of these.

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An imperfect church + imperfect people = a perfect connection! Basically, us and you makes we.

Church in the Round is a "no perfect people allowed" kind of place. We realize that we are all imperfect people on a journey called life. We are a church for everyone. No one is excluded. We want you to come around and get involved at Church in the Round. You are welcome to join us at any group or gathering.

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Embracing God's cosmic, redemptive story

Church in the Round has an ancient appeal. Aligning with the ancient Christian church, We embrace God's cosmic story of creation-fall-incarnation-recreation.

Our Beliefs


Re-visioneering church

Church in the Round is future-thinking. We embrace concepts that are driving the church forward. Technology is a key part of Church in the Round. We believe media can help you experience the continuing story of God. You will explore solid, biblical messages through video, audio, the arts, social media, and our custom mobile application which drives the community life of the church.

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